Deposit Instructions

Gotham City offers multiple ways to deposit and withdraw.

You can instantly deposit to your account using Coinbase (cryptocurrency)

We also have alternative ways to deposit such as Venmo, Cash App, and PayPal. To connect to a live agent please text 888-94-POKER
Connect to an agent by clicking the button below.

Crypto Deposits Using Coinbase

Follow these steps in order to make an account with Coinbase
and purchase Bitcoin.

Create An Account

To create an account go to
 Fill in your info, and create your account.

Add Credit Card

Click on add credit card or another funding source from the menu options on the left hand side.

Buy Bitcoin

Once your funding source has been confirmed you can now purchase Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency.

Once your account is created on Coinbase and you purchased your Bitcoin, you can now make instant purchases through the Gotham City Poker app.

Follow the instructions below.

Open The Cashier Option

When your logged into the app click on the Cashier option in the menu options.

Click Deposit

Click on the deposit option and a box with a drop down will come up, select Coinbase, enter your deposit ammount  and click OK.

Choose Currency

Select the currency you'd like to use for your chip purchase. If you previously purchased Bitcoin, then select Bitcoin and click OK.


Send to the address that is provided, you can copy and paste. For best results use the show QR Code option and scan the QR code from your Coinbase App.